Vaccine Virtual Days 2022

March 30th & 31st

Let science guide the way

Vaccine Virtual Days 2022 are unique opportunity to join the global conversation on vaccinology with the international healthcare community. We will be exploring a broad agenda of the most pressing topics in vaccinology and engaging with top experts on the latest challenges and breakthroughs in the field.

During the Vaccine Virtual Days event in April 2021, experts from the scientific community around the world came together to discuss the latest vaccination topics; restoring trust in vaccines; understanding the fast-evolving scientific area of vaccine technologies; and how to implement successful vaccination programmes.

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Vaccine Virtual Days 2022

We are returning with Vaccine Virtual Days 2022, featuring top experts and an even more tailored experience. An independent Scientific Committee will build the agenda, highlighting the most pressing topics in vaccinology. This year, the focus of this virtual event will be on Adult Immunisation.

Three good reasons to attend Vaccine Virtual Days 2022:

  • Q&A session with top international experts
  • Unique opportunity to connect with leading scientists & peers from across the globe
  • Live translation in 8 languages

Get involved

An independent Scientific Committee will build the agenda, highlighting the most pressing topics in vaccinology. By taking part in a short survey, you also have the opportunity to suggest scientific topics. We want to hear from you.
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Vaccine Virtual Days 2022

Let science guide the way
March 30th & 31st